Dam Easy® Residential Flood Barrier

Price: $899.99
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Adjustable Width:
30" - 43"
Protection Height:

Dam Easy Residential Flood Barriers are a ready-to-use flood barrier for doors that are easy to install and deploy before a storm. There is no need for damaging hardware, adhesives or permanent fixtures when using Dam Easy—simply place between the entryway, extend the sides to fit the opening, and inflate the built-in tube until the area is completely sealed. This simple solution replaces the time, energy, and mess associated with sandbags and can be installed in under 5 minutes. One flood panel covers a door or window opening between 31” – 43” and provides flood protection for your home or business up to 28”.


Door and Window Openings between 30" - 43"

Flood Protection

Protects up to 28" High


ABS2100-GR10 Fiberglass Reinforced Body
POM M90-44 Polyacetal Inner Moldings
Stainless Steel 304 Reinforcements
Brass Gear Systems
EPDM 40-50 Shore A Compression Seal